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Thread: The Dark Side - Car Tires

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    The Dark Side - Car Tires

    It is pretty interesting stuff to think about, this going over to the Dark Side. Will a car tire fit any model of BMW motorcycle? Anybody tried it, yet?
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    I'm in

    This sounds like something I would try. I don't know of any car tires that would fit my non-cruiser bike however. I plan on researching this further.

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    Didn't the model T have the same size rim width? Seriously if anybody knows what can be done maybe ask CustomSarge on the forum? He does some really wild stuff.

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    Didn't we have this discussion already a while back? Or did I read that somewhere else? Anyway, sounds even more scary to me than those re-manufactured tires... Car tires aren't made to be driven/ridden on their edge, remember... But hey, it will entertain us, so please post pics of a K1200S with Michelin PilotSports front and back

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    OK so they could have

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    I know of one R1200C that runs a Chinese car tire on the rear and sidecar-rigged R1200C owners like to run car tires.

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    Car tire on a R1200C

    One of my bikes is a R1200C with a Champion sidecar. I run a car tire on the rear. The factory rim is 15" so it's a no-brainer to use the car tire when you get 30-40k miles out of a car tire vs around 5k when pulling a sidehack. I took the hack off one time and rode around 50 miles with the car tire on the rear. Really couldn't tell much difference but then again, I didn't ride extremely aggressive.

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