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Thread: More GPS uncertainty

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    More GPS uncertainty

    I was looking at a Garmin Quest. It's smaller and cheaper than the 276c. Then I saw the 76c. It looked like the one I almost bought - the eTrex Vista - loaded with the 276c features. So I go to the website and what do I see - the StreetPilot i5. Does anyone know anything about this model? I know for the price and size it can't replace the 276c but can it do what I want? Find out where I am when I'm lost, get me back to where I started when I'm done wandering or let me establish a base route then store it. This stuff is so confusing to me.

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    I bought a 276c and absolutely love that thing! As for comparing it to other models, I would suggest going to They have real time chat with agents plus their website can help you compare. Their prices are probably the best as well. tryGPS City .

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    Touratech have a great comparison page between all of the GPS units, as do Garmin themselves. The touratech site is very good though as it is a neutral site.

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    I've been using an eTrex Vista for the past three years. It includes all the features of much larger and more expensive units in a compact package, allowing it to be mounted just about anywhere on a variety of bikes. Okay, you might have to lean forward at times to read the smaller screen, but that's never been a problem for me. The control buttons are simple to use even with gloves. It's completely waterproof, vibrationproof and runs for days on a couple of batteries. What's not to like...


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    i've outlined my gps uncertainity elsewhere:

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