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Thread: 2005 brake bleeding on ABS

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    2005 brake bleeding on ABS

    Hello...I have just bought some bar risers from Touratech for my wife's 650 GSL w/ABS and I bought the extended brake line with it too. Since then I have been scouring sites for any instructions to self-bleed brakes and the overwhelming response on this bike seems to be to let the dealer do it with MoDiTec computer tool.

    Does anyone else have any differing opinions please? I cannot find a manual for a 650 for bikes after 2003, and the factory manual says what would be expected...let the dealers do it.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated,

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    Quote Originally Posted by flash412

    Thanks Flash, I just joined the Chain Gang finally so I don't feel

    Is there a good way of removing the line from the handlebar to the junction and then minimizing air inclusion into the system please? I read through the tips although nothing that I saw specifically addressed that.

    Thanks Flash,
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    Sorry Flash I did not ask the question very well at all. I need to change the piece of line from the master cylinder to the junction by the oil tank now for the 3cm longer line now that I put risers on the bike.

    So my question should have asked you whether there is a good way of filling that section of line with the fluid and allowing the air to come back up without risking pushing the air throught the ABS modulator? It sounds as thought theoretically the way you described still may work right?

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