I am thinking about going to the Billings Rally but only if I find a suitable partner.

Here is my travel style:

1 I am very flexible on time and laid back riding during the day. I'm very easy going.
2 I like to get to the site early to have my pick of campsites (tree to camp under !!!)
Sooooo, could you get to the area on the afternoon of July 21 -- they usually let us in THAT early.
It's A LOT of fun to be there early before others get there. I will probably do some volunteering to pass time.
3 In order to not kill myself riding during the day I'm on the road surely by 9:00 a.m. or before.
4) Lastly, if you want to hotel it all the way I will accept if we split the room, but I also like a mix of
camping and hotels --- but only if the riding partner really likes that too.

Otherwise, I'm pretty flexible. Anyone out there interested.?

Rodney Choate
Alexandria LA