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Thread: how to load route maps to zumo 660

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    how to load route maps to zumo 660

    can I please have some help on transferring route maps i have made up for Montana trip onto my zumo 660
    have them in the harley trip planner , tried mapsource and base camp but found difficult to manage
    thanks Bruce from Maine

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    Not being that familiar with Harley trip planner, if your files are in the .gpx format, BaseCamp should recognize them. Once they are in BaseCamp, you need to search for them, highlight them, then choose "send highlighted routes to GPS".
    It should work like a charm.
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    Normally this posting area is for help on the forum use and its software. I'll let this post stay here for a bit, but soon I'll transfer it to the Gear Forum where there has been past discussion of GPS topics. Hang on for a bit...
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    Try building your routes in Mapquest. There is a link on that page to download directly to your Garmin (GPS device). I have had very good luck with that process in the past. Good Luck!

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    GPS Down loads

    Tried MapQuest but they have discontinued Garmin downloads as of last year
    thanks Bruce

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    Quote Originally Posted by BRIT00704106 View Post
    Tried MapQuest but they have discontinued Garmin downloads as of last year
    thanks Bruce
    If you phone Garmin support and tell them why you need Mapquest, they may send you a link and allow you to downoad it. Or, they may tell you how to use Basecamp to do it.

    good luck, and do let us know what happens.
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