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Per instructions above.. I just need to disconnect the ground baterry cable...and the positive should remain connected correct? Also should I remove the gas tank to be able to remove the front engine cover??

Ok - here is that issue. It is possible to snag or brush the front cover against the diode board which has a hot wire directly to the battery when removing the cover. So disconnect the ground wire. Now there is no continuity back to the battery so the cover can be safely removed.

Then take off the cover.

But then - to do the test the battery has to be hooked back up - so hook the ground wire back up.

Always do the ground wire first even if taking both loose. Basic electrical safety. If the ground is hooked up and you are wrenching on the hot side, one slip with the wrench or a screwdriver to ground and you have a welder in your hand.

You don't need to remove the tank to remove the front cover. Take out the three bolts. Move the cover forward as far as you can and then down and out. The frame and fender will seem like they are in the way but they are not really. The horn might be.