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Thread: Looking for riding buddy in August

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    done Why cannot I remove this post... IT is old, no one is interested in it... Please delete.
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    That looks good. In a day or so I will take your other post off screen.
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    Sounds like an interesting ride. However, I can't tell if you're looking for someone "conservative" in mode of dress, behavior, politics, or religion . Or, for that matter, if it's a roommate or riding companion you're looking for. I don't share a room with anyone other than my wife.

    And lastly, have you zeroed in on specific dates?


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    Quote Originally Posted by BrucePaul View Post
    A Patriot and Republican would fit the bill just fine. The first firm date is to be in Red Lodge MT for the Beemer Rally that starts August 13th.
    Aw heck. I'm afraid we don't have a match.

    Have a great ride! I rode by there in June 2013, on the return from Alaska - beautiful place, and I was immediately intrigued by the old red buses.

    I know you'll enjoy it all.

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