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Thread: Looking for a part

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    Question Looking for a part

    I just purchased a 1989 k-100 LT and it is missing the left side fairing cover that goes over the radio. I would like to find one to replace it. Can anyone help me out here????

    Mark Harms
    Springfield, IL.

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    Cool Part Locator

    I have my e-bay account set up to provide me with a daily list of 91 K100LT listings and I have had good luck with finding parts there at reasonable prices. Just picked up a new primed upper fairing for about $100.

    The other place I would check is Bob's BMW and download his catalog. Here is the website: If you can't find it in the catalog e-mail them and they shoud be able to get for you.

    I'm looking for a cigarette lighter to fit the plug in my dash..Have tried local parts store but all are too small.

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    All BMW parts are still available at dealer (very few exceptions).
    Kent Christensen
    '12 R1200RT, '02 R1100S, '84 R80G/S

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    Quote Originally Posted by lkchris
    All BMW parts are still available at dealer (very few exceptions).
    AND there are a growing number of used-parts suppliers out there, cyclesrecycled, partshaus etc most of them are advertising in the ON.


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