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Thread: Alternative Riding Jacket to Aerostich?

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    I bought a Spidi H2Out at the national ralley and so far am happy with my decision. It is a little different as the rain gear component goes inside the jacket! The outside shell was great for warm days ( I don't think anything works when it is 90+ and you are at a stop light). It is meshed under the arms from front to back.

    The rain liner zips inside and acts as a wind/moisture barrier. The third liner fits inside, but I haven't had a chance to use it yet since it has only been in the 50's.

    The key feature I like is the zipper on the cuffs, a must have in my opinion.

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    Like some others have said, Stitch doesn't make anything to fit me, had one, and had to send it back. I have a First Gear Kilimanjaro jacket, and matching pants, and think they are about as good as you can get off the rack. I only use it under 70 degrees though. Use a Joe Rocket Phoenix mesh jacket and pants in hot weather, and it does reasonably well into t he nineties, as long as you are moving. I see where First Gear has come out with a more vented Kilimanjaro style jacket this year, which may prove to be more of a year round option.

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    TourMaster is fine, but I've needed to waterproof it annually with Scotchguard.

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    Re: Alternative Riding Jacket to Aerostich?

    Originally posted by R100RS

    I'm looking for a ..........
    The one truth I've found in my years of motorcycling is there is not one of anything that does it all, bikes, gloves, pants and yes‘«™.that includes jackets.

    If yur only get'n one's gonna be a compromise. If it‘«÷s good in summer, it is not so good in winter. If it is good in winter you will sweat in the hot summers.

    Figure out what end of the spectrum you are willing to give up. For me I have a couple of jackets. Kilimanjaro for late fall, winter, early spring. I also have a Vanson Falcon vented synthetic jacket‘«™very nice in summer heat yet still gives excellent protection.

    If I could only have one, I would go for the Kilimanjaro ‘«ˇcause it covers more of the spectrum than others like Roadcrafter or Darian. They don‘«÷t vent like the Kilimanjaro.

    The weakness of the Kilimanjaro is two fold. Vents are difficult to use. Forget opening the 2 front vents and two arm vents when on the bike. You have to stop, take the jacket off and futz with the Velcro to do it. On the plus side, they vent very well. Second problem is the outer material is rather lightweight. Be careful in off road get offs or when tinkering with yur bike on the side of the road‘«™the material melts /tears easy.

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    It has been relatively cold riding in October and so far in November. Between 22 and 50. My Cycloak has been warm, dry and comfortable. I was able to buy the jacket for $299 from our local BMW dealer.

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    re: One more thing about Aerostich

    They are made right here in the USA by people working for the same company that sells them. You can only buy them from the manufacturer, not at a rally or thru a dealer. I'm not sure any other jacket can say that. Therefore, when you need alterations or repairs it gets done by the same folks who made it. That means alot to me.


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    Since Mike's original post was back in July I assume he's already bought a jacket but I'll go ahead and post for others' possible edification.

    I have a one-piece Roadcrafter but am less than impressed with its water resistence. Also, it's drafty and lacks room for layering (we won't talk about the few extra pounds I've collected since buying the thing . . . ). So I wanted something else for the cold, wet winters 'round here.

    I settled on Hein Gericke's Eco jacket/pants combo. They feature 500 denier Cordura, integral Gore Tex liner, and removable quilted liners. The jacket has CE armor in the back, shoulders, and elbows while the pants have the same in the knees. Both are styled in understated black and the jacket has some small reflective piping across the back and shoulders.

    First, this outfit is draft-free and very warm. So far this year I've ridden in 26-degree temps and was comfortable (with an e-vest). There's room for layers, although the jacket's neck is too tight to snap all the way up when I'm wearing my collared e-vest or a collared fleece pullover. I'm shopping for some thin, collarless fleece (any ideas?).

    I've ridden in some significant rain too and so far have remained completely dry. I haven't yet tested it in an all-day rain but I have ridden for an hour in moderate rain and stayed dry. As with any Cordura product, the outer fabric gets soaked. I don't know if this would present a problem in a long rain ride. Anyway, the Eco is easily superior to the Roadcrafter in terms of water resistence.

    There are NO VENTS in the jacket or pants. With the quilted liners removed there is enough "breathing" to stay comfortable up to about 75 or 80 degrees, but you'll definitely want to wear something else for hot weather.

    I haven't tested crash worthiness . . .

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    hi everyone. im new to beemers (had a few bimmers) and am working to get properly outfitted. this thread is a great one, and i'd like to hear if anyone has some more feedback for me. im cose to a jacket purchase myself. ive narrowed my choices to the first gear kilimanjaroII and the cycloak GT pro. things i'd like to learn a little more about before i take the plunge:

    1. the fit. the FG fit fine. i havent had the chance to try on the cycloak, and am not sure i have a dealer here in austin. anyone know if the fit is hugely different between the two?

    2. the venting. im in austin, so i ride in three seasons - warm, hot and hotter. i dont expect to be able to ride this jacket all year-round, but i would like to have maximum flexibility allowed. we have a lot of days where in the morning its chilly and in the afternoon it's, in the vernacular, durn hot. so if the FG is better vented i'd like to hear about it, or vice versa.

    3. the material/armor - im assuming that both will protect me equally well? they each have different trade names for the fabric, and what im wondering is if one is wayyyy better than the other?

    lastly, i can get the cycloak for $100 less than the FG. naturally $$ factors in as well.

    thanks for reading.

    austin, tx
    2002 r1150r

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    For general usefulness, I don't think you can beat Aerostich. I've had 2-piece Roadcrafters since '86, and they have worked wonderfully. One thing that I have learned is that you must spray waterproofing on the suit at least once a year, but it is better with a good spraying every time you wash the suit (at least twice a year). Except in the middle of the humid Southern summer (when I use a Firstgear mesh outfit), a Stich works just fine for all my riding needs.

    I have crash tested the suits--they work very well with padding and abraision resistance. Unfortunately, the EMTs usually tend to cut the suits off the inert rider, so stay awake to keep your suit intact.
    Onward, through the fog!

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    Thanks for all of the great replies! Nice to see the thread is still going to help others.

    Yes, I did purchase a jacket, in September. I ended up with the Belstaff Discovery and have put close to 1000 miles on it.

    Overall, it appears to be an excellent jacket. Everytime I turn around I find some new feature.

    I have worn it in the cold (down to 20* F) and it's been fine for the very short commute to work. For longer rides in that temperature, I'd probably wear something under it, in addition to the liner. I don't particularly like the (detachable) neck gaiter that comes with it. It's a neat idea, but it just seems to direct cold air up into my full face helmet. Again, it's fine to work and back and it's easy as it's attached to the jacket. For longer rides, I will wear a separate windproof fleece neck gaiter.

    I haven't had the chance to wear it for any length of time in the heat, but I DON'T expect very good things from it. As mentioned before, the venting is pretty wimpy. As someone else mentioned, it should be acceptable at speed, just not stuck in traffic.

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