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Thread: Strobe Lights

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    Strobe Lights

    We are all concerned about visibility and I am seeing trucks with flashing yellow strobe lights the size of tail lights, these appear to be the LED type and I see pick up trucks with white flashing strobe lights inside the parking lights and backup lights.

    Now does anyone know if this type strobe light is available for motorcycles??? It strikes me as two of these on the front of the bike would be of great advantage.
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    I don't know Florida law, but yes, you can add Red Hyper-Lites or light buddies to the back end of the bike and the alternating headlight modules up front.

    Safety is only a matter of cost and legality in all 50-States, depending on how far you ride. (EDIT: I just checked, safety lighting installed on a motorcycle is legal in all 50-States and Canada)

    Good luck

    Hyper-Lites kick butt, they have scared people coming up behind me while (stopped) at intersections, to stop early.
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    Flashing Brake Lights

    Just a word of caution per MSF Instructor (AKA a State Cop)

    Continously flashing red brake lights are illegal in all 50 states. You will probably not be bothered by the law but you never know. Hyper -lites can be set up to flash for around 5 seconds then stay on continous.

    Head Light modulators are legal during daylight hours in all 50 states.
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