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Thread: Georgia Lane Splitting

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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    Here in rural west Texas we don't exactly have lane sharing/splitting. But we do have "drive friendly" as explained on the DOT maps. Pull right to expedite passes of quicker vehicles. So onto the shoulder they go to permit passing. In the Urban areas of Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin I don't know what happens - I simply avoid the places - but suspect a modicum of manners even in urban areas. Texans are encouraged to respond.

    p.s. My frame of reference is rural Brewster County by the National Park.
    Been to CA a few times and only filtered as my GSA seemed a bit to wide to play. On another bike, I followed the locals, even the CHPys.

    Learned to ride in traffic in Houston, re-introduced in Austin and sometimes find myself in San Antonio and A-town regularly.
    Commuted 80 roundtrip miles daily into Austin for a few years until retirement. I rarely put myself in the position to be on a lane splitting interstate if legal when secondary roads took me the same location quicker.
    I do recall some younger days on a Honda 350 coming home from Galveston on IH-45 and later on a Superglide riding between stopped cars and trucks and not going well. Swerving cars and opening doors were the norm.A Colt revolver one trip made me not be the lead dog at age 17.

    Fast forward to current practices and experiences have had folks wave me by, wave me in, and if paying attention to their driving rarely a bad day in most metro encounters. Eye contact and a wave back makes things work for me. San Antonio is just insane inside the "loop" and anywhere on IH-35 for the timid. I avoid it unless I have no other choice...which is rare
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    Quote Originally Posted by beemerdood View Post
    If possible, I wave "thanks" at those folks as I pass. On many rides, my shoulder gets tired from all the waving.
    And I do the same! Always give a wave or a thumbs up, when safe, for those cars that give extra room.

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    Lane splitting or filtering has been tabled here in Virginia many times, led by a group of riders here in Richmond. It always gets shot down and never makes it to a vote which is a shame tha the public isn't given the opportunity to see the benefits. In areas like Northern Virginia, a place as hot as the hell that is Atlanta rush hour traffic on a Friday (I know, I grew up around Atlanta and lived it), filtering would be hugely beneficial. Alas, like other states, Virginia is more concerned with amassing monies from traffic "enforcement" and less concerned with actual safety and common sense.

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