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    shuttle question

    I was wondering if this shuttle was running to the more distant motels (ie. Microtel, Knights Inn, etc.) and what time they stopped. Can anyone help.
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    Shuttle service

    The free shuttle service will start at 1800. Last buses will leave the U of C about 0045.

    There will be three different bus loops, color coded to identify the route. One route will cover Northgate camping and the Kanwha City motels. The second lop will cover downtown motels and Magic Island camping. The third loop will cover the South Charleston motels.

    Details of the free shuttle bus routes will be found in your Rally program.
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    shuttle system is a no-go

    Now that the rally is over you can see that the "shuttle system" was a complete bust. Hope that this type of rally is never done again !!!

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    The shuttle system worked okay for me. I rode it from the Civic Center and from my hotel (two different routes) all going to the beer tent...
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    I used it and had no problems. In fact, I never had to wait more than 5 minutes and learned a lot about the area from the driver.

    Maybe I was just lucky.

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    Re: Shuttle

    Originally posted by 1969 R90/2 US
    I used it and had no problems. In fact, I never had to wait more than 5 minutes and learned a lot about the area from the driver.

    Maybe I was just lucky.
    Worked great for me. Waited a couple minutes, the bus showed. Drank beer, went to the bus stop. Bus came, walked into the hotel.

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    I stayed at the Hampton INN and was unable to get on a bus to the beer garden. When they did run they were usually full by the time they got there. Seemed like 20 to 30 min between runs. Got Hampton INN shuttle to take us over and took the BMW bus back without problems. Not in favor of multiple site rallies unless transportation is equal for all locations. Those of you that had good experiences with the suttle are all happy as were the people that could understand the speakers at the closing ceremonies. One rally two different experiences. Still had a good time.


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    Thumbs down Re: Shuttle

    The shuttle was very unreliable for us folks on Magic Island. Thursday night, someone waited for 1.5 hrs, and it never came. Perhaps it had to do with the wind fiasco -- we had no idea of the damage that had happened at the beer tent, but then we heard that the band still continued to play that evening. (The large social tent at Magic Island had collapsed partially also, not to speak of $$$ damage done to rally-goers' tent poles, tents, bikes knocked over -- poor Camp Easy took quite a hit.) Friday the shuttle did arrive within 20 minutes after waiting about 8:30-ish, but when trying to catch a bus back at 11:15pm, we waited for a blue bus for 45 minutes. Saturday evening, waited for 45 minutes and bus never came. What happened to "every 5-10 minutes" for the blue loop??? This multi-site rally did NOT work for us. Could not get the chance to enjoy the "world-class music" nor find and meet up with old friends, gotta go catch a shuttle that may never appear before they stop running for the night. BLEH.

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    We too were camping at Magic Island and gave up waiting for the Shuttle.
    So after a few beers I was forced to ride back anyway....not a common practice for myself but what choice did I have. Only once, the next night I opted to a 6 pack and socialized with people down at Magic Island.

    The two security Volunteers knew nothing of it and where not briefed very well. In fact one of them was kind of snarky when I asked too many questions which I didn‘«÷t appreciate. If the duties were too much for them they should have never signed up! In fact they never once asked for my wrist band. Can't image with the rough area Magic Island was surrounded by that our campground was 100% safe.

    I hope this type of National rally (Convention) is not repeated.
    Rally ratings? Trenton: 9 out of 10
    Charleston: 5 out of 10
    Good thing the roads made up for the poor venue.

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    Like many other posts I've read, this was my first MOA rally. While I am appreciateive of the efforts the city went through to provide transportation, I agree that the bus routes were a bust. We stayed at the Residence Inn at northgate and it took us 2 hours to get downtown. 30 minute wait for the green bus, 30 minute ride to U of C, 30 minute wait for the blue bus, 30 minute ride to downtown. After that we gave our money to the Taxi drivers, who were very friendly and reasonable. So it didn't work out as planned, no problem, change the plan. While I could complain about a lot of things I prefer to remember the people I met and the rides we took. Looking forward to Spokane with great anticipation.

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    Thumbs down Shuttle service

    I camped at UC and waited over 2 hours on Thursday for a shuttle and gave up and took a taxi to get back to our campsite. Again after the closing ceremony waited for an hour for a shuttle while it rained. Shuttles did not work for us, this is my first rally and I still had an awesome time. The rally planners did the best they could and I applaud their efforts. For all of the complaints, they have at least listened to us and are going back to the traditional rally setup. Don't know if I can get off next July for the national but I will definately be at some other rallys. Great first experience even with all the bad luck. We have to realize in an event this size, not everything is going to go as planned. Not being at another rally to compare, I am looking forward to having everyone in the same area, I hope to meet some more interesting people, and happy riding!!

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