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Thread: Looking for Wide (EE) Boots

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    Looking for Wide (EE) Boots

    Does anyone know who makes an extra wide boot?

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    Wolverine makes some EW boots in most styles...waterproof, really comfy and cheaper than most bike only boots with no arch comfort.

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    Maybe the Harley shop. I think Harley guys have wide feet.
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    That is true, my boots are Harley FXRG or something like that, gore-tex...they are made for HD by Wolverine

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    I just looked and the model of boot is FXRG-2 boot, made by Wolverine for H-D. A hidden benefit of H-D boots is that they are good at absorbing some vibration, great for standard and wide pegs on a GS too. lol

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    Check out the Redwing line. They are excellent quality and they come wide. I use the 977 slipons.

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    Thanks everyone.

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