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Thread: Why 20W-50 Oil

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    Quote Originally Posted by FredRydr
    I asked my service department this question in 1999 when I bought an R1100R. Their response was that 20W-50 is specified for oilheads, as opposed to water-cooled BMW bikes, because of higher operating temperatures of the air-cooled motors. FWIW

    My owners manuel on my '88 K100RS says use 20W-50.
    (This reminds me, I need to change my oil!)

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    Airhead oil

    How about this one: 15 W 40 oil designed , I am told, for diesel engines. The proof: 1976/6 with 142,000 miles, 1978/7 with 48,000, 1987 Volvo DL with 325.000 miles (does not use a drop). All bikes get oil change 1500-2000 and car gets oil change @2500. Volvo purchased new; bikes had milage in mid teens when purchased.
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    >Well not exactly. My '78 R100RS used a quart of oil every 1K miles from the day one.

    Well maybe that's the reason not to use low viscosity oil.

    FWIW, I follow the recomendations in the manual and other than a small leak that was fixed by a re-torque of the case halves on my Triumph, I doubt I've ever put more than 10CCs of oil in a bike between oil changes in my life. And I change at the 3K or 5K recommended for the particular bike. (Mobil1 15W-50)

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