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Thread: Installing the Black Dog Cycle Works skid plate on a '14 R1200GSA

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    Installing the Black Dog Cycle Works skid plate on a '14 R1200GSA

    It was a little bit chilly here in Colorado with high 20's during the day so we're spending a reasonable time in our garages fixing the bikes and getting ready for the riding season which should be starting in about... *looks at the calendar* 2 months... :

    Until we're on the road, we want to see some fixes, mods, goodies installations, time spent washing the bike, services, tire changes, anything. Here, I'll start:

    It all started with a post on the GSGiants FB page and this horrific picture:

    I decided it was time to replace my stock skid plate. So I went on the internetz, googled (when did that become a verb?) black dog cycle works and within a few days, I had a package!

    Let me start by telling you, the folks at Black Dog Cycle Works have made an EXCEPTIONAL product. But they could have spent a little bit more time writing the instructions... In their defense, I should have spent a little bit more time reading them before I started :roll:

    So since my space in the garage is limited to non existing (you try to fit 4 bikes and a trailer in a one car garage), I decided the easiest way to work on the bike is to put it on the trailer so it is standing up and I can work under it. So I did. I was actually quite proud of myself!

    Then I started reading the manual:
    1. Place bike on center stand (even if using a bike lift). This eases installation greatly.

    I guess I should have read the manual first, right? Oh well, off the trailer and back into the garage.

    Step 1a: Remove the stock skid plate. Easy enough, take 5 bolts out (I have a '14 GSA).

    Step 1b: Remove all related hardware as well but keep the 4 (four) stock M8x25 bolts.

    This is what you need to see before starting installing the BDCW hardware:

    Let's put the two skid plates side by side for comparison...

    So as I mentioned earlier, I should have spent more time reading the instructions before I started. Therefore, there were several steps I missed. Such as the part that says "move the U-nuts into place AFTER you install the the front mount... This is what I did:

    Well, the problem is that the tool that the BDCW people were kind enough to provide, will go through the hole but not through the nut...

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    After fixing my mistake, I easily installed the front mount and secured it using the stock M8x25 bolts:

    So just when I thought this was the most challenging part of the installation, I then moved to installing the following... First step is to install the plastic wire loop around the two cables by the exhaust flapper:

    Then, I took a break to clean up my mess and change my gloves because mild OCD that's why!

    This is how it is supposed to look like:

    Then I spent a good 10 minutes trying to figure out where the "round frame tube" is... Apparently they good people at BDCW meant this doohickey:

    And just when I thought that installing the plastic wire loop was the hardest step, here comes the rear stand and the hose clamps : God, I hate these things! This is the one part of the instructions you HAVE to follow methodically. Once you put them, it should look like this:

    And now for the fun... Following the instructions given, you need to slide the rear mount so that the top part goes under the hose clamps. No, not a joke. Here's what it should look like (took me a good 20 minutes):

    Remember I said earlier that the guys at BDCW did a exceptional job creating the product? Look at this detail:

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    So here we have it, ready for the last 4 screws:

    TIP OF THE DAY: Clean the bike before installing the new skid plate, otherwise chunks of whatever like this will probably fall on your face. Just like it happened with me...

    Final product:

    It took me a bit less that 3 hours. But remember that:
    a. I don't like manuals
    b. I don't have maintenance experience
    So if a newb like me was able to install it, you'll be fine too.

    Generally, the product feels and looks superior. I'm very happy with my purchase. Now I just have to wait to try it!

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    Another nice job
    Thanks again for the effort!
    This skid plate DIY will join your other effort in the Wethead index.
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    No images

    Either it is on my end or something happened as all the images you posted of the install are gone.

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    This thread is from 2015. Seems like some times the pics. go away. Welcome aboard.
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