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Thread: Which FRS radio is best for Bike2Bike communication?

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    Which FRS radio is best for Bike2Bike communication?

    I'm shopping for a bike to bike communicator and have settled on autocom. Now I need to decide what radio to get. THe autocom guys reccomend and sell the Kenwood FRS radios but the cheapest one costs twice as much as the nicest Motorola FRS radio. Are the Kenwood radios THAT much better? Is there that much difference in sound quality?

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    The people I have talked with recommend the Kenwood as well, but that is for non motorcycle use. I have motorola FRS radios that I got as a gift. They work so poorly I never bothered getting the connection for the AutoComm.

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    I have a cheapie Motorola radio set that my wife and I got so she could help me back the motorhome into difficult spots. We used that for bike to motorhome communication on the trip to Lima, and it worked just great! We were amazed at how clear the reception was.

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    I use the Kenwook XL w/Bike power via the Autocomm. I highly recommend this radio.

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    I use Motorolas for cage-to-cage communication, and they work great.

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