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Thread: 2011 G650GS for a tall guy

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    2011 G650GS for a tall guy

    So my 6'3" son just bought a 2011 G650GS thumper. Nice bike and a good Urban steed. What are good solutions for the taller rider as far as foot pegs? Is there a preferred lowering kit or taller seat solution?

    Thanks folks -

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    1. Trade it for an older Dakar. 2. Get a Dakar seat? Others may know of lowering pegs. It's a low bike for 6'3" I'm 5'7" 29 inseam and it fits me well.
    It is a great bike.
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    I think your going to want to do something with the seat anyway. Mine felt like it had a 2 x 4 in it. Have it rebuilt as a higher seat. Plenty of places to do that.

    Don't look at it just as an urban steed. My 2013 G650GS has taken me to Prudhoe Bay, Key West and places between. It's just fine stock but one tooth more on the counter shaft makes it really run down the highway with everything.

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    I'm 6' and have an '06 Dakar. I added the footpegs in the photo which can be installed a half inch lower than stock. I added 22mm risers to the handlebars which was as high as I could go without changing cables. These two adjustments make a big difference for me in comfort level.

    There are custom options that might work for your son -

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