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Thread: Spring & Fall glove suggestions

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    Spring & Fall glove suggestions

    Hi all, I would appreciate some feed back on riding gloves for early spring late fall riding. Temperatures mid 30's usually worst case riding conditions. No I am not rounder, to much Black Ice for this chicken.

    Prefer something waterproof if possible.

    Local dealer carries, FirstGear, Marsee & Olypia as their main lines.

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    Simple... install hot grips and then turn them on.
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    spring and fall gloves

    I use the BMW summer rainproof gloves for my fall and spring gloves. I live across the river from Memphis, Tn. to give you a perpective of my weather conditions. These gloves are to hot for summer use here. I have heated handgrips and wear them thru most of the winter. On really cold days I carry the BMW winter gloves, usually I wear those after dark when the temp's really drop.

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    Gotta agree with Flash on this one. Start with heated grips and then just find the most comfortable water proof glove at the store!
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    i have a pair of rev-it waterproof gloves that i can wear till the temps reach freezing, then i can put on the heated grips. i have gone to synthetic gloves, they seem to work better in the wet then even waterproof leather gloves. i wear first gear mesh gloves in warmer weather. with my rt, i can even wear these gloves in cooler temps because of the protection of the fairing.

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    I have a pair of HELD gloves that I picked up from Bob's when I was passing through several months ago...a little pricey but dang are they comfy! With the heat on too life is good...for the freezing temps though I have a pair of thick insulated can't feel a thang gloves which are fine with paddle switches

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    I also have a pair of Held gloves, but heck if I can remember which model they are. they are the summer rain gloves, and I tell you what they work great for running around town when it's chilly out. I wore them most of the time last winter when I was running back and forth from school or just running errands. I also have a pair of their Galaxy gloves for when a more spirited ride is expected, because they have all kinds of carbon fiber on them, and they are just so darn comfy. I've had the Galaxy gloves for a few years now, and they have held up quite nicely.

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    I Just Purchased A Pair Of Held Gloves That I Definitely Love....The Fit Is Perfect...Very Comfortable..Well Worth The Price I Paid For Them....
    And My Bike Also Has Heated Grips....

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    I recently picked up a pair of Gerbings heated gloves. They're pretty warm and comfy even when they're not plugged in. When they are plugged in, I think I actually like them better than heated grips, because the heat is on the outside of the hand, where the wind is, rather than on the palm. (Of course, there's no reason you couldn't have both.)
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    the olympia gel pad gloves are great, and with the heated grips turned on are defenetly good down into the 30s, although i think i'll be looking for something a little thicker towards the end of next month

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    At <$50, these and a pair of glove liners can't be beat. I liked 'em so much I bought two pair. Big Bonus: you can pull the liners out for a great pair of summer gloves.
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    Fox Creek Leather sells some nice long gauntlet Thinsulate insulated deerskin golves that work real well for me. Deerskin is more abrasion resistant than cow leather, and stands up to water better too. They're on the web. Heck, with heated grips and brushguardw (R1150GS Adv) I can hardly imagine temps they wouldn't be adequate in. I only wear textile gloves in hot weather.

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    I use a pair of Revit PCM Celcius gloves (see when the temperature gets into the 30s. These gloves use phase change technology.

    I picked up a pair of Lee Parks deerskin gloves at the Lima rally and I really like them. They are not waterproof, of course, but they have a large temperature range for comfort. I can wear them from temperatures in the 40s up to over 100 (such as on the ride home from Lima!). See

    I've also used a couple of pairs of Held gloves and they are quite nice, but I decided to try something else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mar
    I use a pair of Revit PCM Celcius gloves (see when the temperature gets into the 30s. These gloves use phase change technology.
    I've also used a couple of pairs of Held gloves and they are quite nice, but I decided to try something else.
    Hi Mar, How would you stack up the Revit Celcius against your Helds in terms of overall comfort and waterproofing?

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