OK, so all the melamine shelving I'd put up 6 years ago came crashing down this weekend. That meant that after I got home from St. Louis, I spent the rest of the day cleaning up all the stuff in the garage, sorting it all out, going to Home Depot and getting started on putting up some new shelves.

The shelving missed all the bikes, with the exception of the top plate, which caught itself on the passenger peg of the airhead. This saved three helmets from crashing down onto the ground at minimum and kept the shelves from crashing into the GS, which would have fallen over, taking out the RT and the VFR at maximum.

The VFR is now in the atrium, hiding. Wierd. Pics later. Anyway, on to the real purpose.

One big difference between the old setup and the new is that I'm going to install a nice big workbench. I've got a basic design sketched out, but am wondering what folks are using for a top surface. I had a masonite surface on my last decent bench, but wonder if folks have had experience with anything else.

Also - Concrete, Corian, Formica and the like are Right Out. I'm going to be yanking a CB750 motor apart and the surface should be able to withstand a motor getting dragged around on top of it, with the attendant oily bits erupting fluids.