Recently, I updated the software in the Cardo G9 to the latest version. Not sure of all of its features, but the unit seems to be working well. Added their little foam pads (for deep speaker sockets found in some helmets like my Shoei) as well.

Last year, on my 9000 km ride to the west coast and back, I was not happy. I was getting my music from a new iPod, the small 7th gen unit. I found the volume low and unreliable. When the GPS interrupted the music, the music did not resume all the time and that required turning the Cardo off and on. That was tough to do with gloves on while riding. I had a non-smart phone and did not try to make use of it.

In looking at the Cardo site, I noticed there were little pads that put the speakers a bit closer to my ears. This has really helped raise the volume to easy to hear levels. Really nice.

My music now comes from a Samsung S5 smart phone. The GPS is also paired to the Cardo. So, I was riding today, listening to Aaron Neville at a comfortable level, when the music stopped, some tone was there instead, and the GPS screen told me there was a phone call! turned out it was the BMW sales guy returning an earlier inquiry and saying my skull cap was available. I was heading there anyway. At the end of the call, the music was back. But, the call was very clear. It was the first time I got a phone call while riding.

I don't know if the new software is the key, or if the Samsung S5 is the key, but all is well and I am happy. I must try the bike to bike intercom when I go for a ride with my friend Richard. I am encouraged by the progress.

Given the new tires and the working Cardo, my season is off to a fine start.