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Thread: The ride home

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    The ride home

    I thought I would write a little about my recent ride home. Hope that yopu enjoy. Ride safe...Andy
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    Why take pictures? A saddlesore is worth a thousand words instead

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    Andy I agree, it was 2930 miles of sheer fun overall...I am so happy that I did and not just the quick way back through NE and IA again like on the way out there in August. It was fun. Had the 12K service done on 15.7K because I did not have a day spare to get it done in OR. Thank goodness for Russell saddles and Xenon headlights is probably the greatest lesson I learned on this trip hehehe.


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    Great read

    Thanks Andy for the great read! I grew up in northwestern Minnesota, and traveled the ND and MN roads you talked about. Your report brought back some very happy memories. If you ever have the time while traveling through Minnesota try MN113, starting just south of Itasca state park (the headwaters of the Mississippi river) head west on 113 towords Waubun, MN. The twisty part is about 30 to 35 miles long through some really pretty forest and between many lakes. Just watch out for motorhomes pulling boat trailers and critters on the road.

    And while ridding through western North Dakota take the time to go through The Teddy Roosevelt National Park, both the south and north unit. The southern unit is larger, but, the north unit is more dramatic. If camping at the park, be ready to wake up to bison outside your tent.

    Great report, thanks again.
    1976 R90/6

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    Perfect reading over my morning coffee. Congrats on your saddlesore and many safe miles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boxergrrlie
    Perfect reading over my morning coffee. Congrats on your saddlesore and many safe miles.

    Thanks Boxegrrlie, of course I only filed the paperwork on Monday for it and so we will see if the examiners see fit too. I submitted every piece of documentation, GPS printouts and deirections taken and the map and even a dna sample so hopefully it will be awarded. I was very tempted to roll right into the 1500 the next day but after seeing the roads I thought better of it, I chose the scenery over the

    Thanks again,

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    Hey, great reading, and sounds like a really great ride! Welcome back to Michigan.

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    Nice ride and reading.

    It isn't what you ride, it is if you ride

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    Thanks guys, it was a fun ride and the experience was very cool indeed. Out west there, it is amazing how beautiful it is and very cool scenery.

    I must admit though when I travel each week, it is always good to get back to MI...must be the Gratiot gunfire that is missing

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