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Thread: Rode to Mt. Lemmon last weekend...

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    Rode to Mt. Lemmon last weekend...

    Which is nothing really special for most Tucsonans, but it was fun none the less. I jokingly called it "Old Geezers Day" on Mt Lemmon, the old geezers being our bikes of course A couple of friends from work road up with me, one has an '81 Goldwing and the other has an '83 Yamaha Venture. Another friend brought his wife along in the car and took these great pictures. At the top of the mountain at Summerhaven, we stopped and had coffee and pie while enjoying the 74 degree mid-day. Traffic was pretty light on the way up which made for a very fun ride.

    My next trip will be my longest yet. I'm planning on riding from Tucson to Weatherford, TX to visit family. Weatherford is just west of Ft Worth and is about 950 miles one-way from my house. To date I have put 9000 miles on my K75s since I bought it last October which included a trip to Las Vegas and back as well as the trip up north to Heber for the Road Runner Rally. I've had no major problems with my bike on either trip and am confident it will run like a top to Texas. As I'm still a rookie I'm planning on stopping at about the half-way point on the way there and the way back as well. Each leg will be a bit longer than my trip to Vegas was, and I felt pretty good after that 6 hour I think it's a good plan. Anyways, here's some pics of our Mt Lemmon ride:


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    Dang - I was just a car

    JohnnyQ - my heart is bleeding! I was just in Tucson for a quick four day trip to see my mom and do some chores for her around the house. On Monday the 19th we took my rental car up into the Catalinas. Ohhh, I wanted my bike in a baaaad way, oh well - mom didn't mind if I made motorcycle sounds on the way up and back.
    Great road, thanks for sharing the ride and the pics.
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    Very cool. Here I am stuck on work travel, again....

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