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Thread: My old R90s fixes me again

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    My old R90s fixes me again

    I get allergy shots once a week, but unfortunately the new clinic is pretty slow AND 20 miles away. Figured I would take my R90s up there this morning, via backroads southwest of Jackson, MI.

    My bike ran flawless as usual, but at the doctor's the usual poor service happened again, where several people were waiting for their shots, and the office staff was oblivious to their requests to get their asses in gear!

    I was mad along with the other folks and walked out to my bike, where I instantly got over my frustration and enjoyed a return, spirited ride back home through the beautiful woods.

    Moral: Don't let life's little things get you down. But if they do, an old well running Airhead can make it right.


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    Nice sentiment to keep in mind!
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