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Thread: F650 CS - Turn Signal/Tail/Brake Light LED Question

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    F650 CS - Turn Signal/Tail/Brake Light LED Question

    I have a 2005 BMW F650CS. I just replaced my turn signal light bulbs and tail light bulb with LEDs. Also, I hooked up my rear turn indicator lights to be running lights, on all the time, like my tail light. I've also wired them up so they come on when I engage the brakes. They're what's called dual filament bulbs. I put in a DPDT relay for each turn indicator so that when I use either the right or left turn signal while the brakes are engaged, either signal will blink as usual without lighting up as a brake light. However, when I turn on either blinker, whether the brakes are engaged or not, I get a brief pulse in the other blinker and the tail light each time the indicator flashes. But the pulses are not as intense as the actual indicator's blinking. And when I apply the brakes and turn on either signal, the blinking indicator's blink isn't as intense as if the brakes weren't applied, as if there is still some current from the brake circuit going to the indicator. On the other hand, when I put the stock incandescent dual filament bulbs in the indicators, the non LED bulbs, the indicators work fine as running lights, as turn signals, and as brake lights without any interference as described above. However the LED tail light still has the unwanted pulse. What could the problem be? Obviously it's an LED thing. Is there anyway around it? Please help. Thanks.

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    I don't know on that bike but with the CANBUS system things are a bit different. A recent thread in Wetheads may help-
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    Thanks Gary, I'll check it out.

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