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OMG (as my niece would say). You have committed a foul from which there is only a slim chance of recovery. You have, and it hurts me to point this out, a passenger peg in the down position when you are in fact NOT CARRYING ANY PASSENGERS. Oh, the horror.

Bluehole: Your responses are always anticipated, welcomed, and enjoyed.

Can we tell its no longer riding season in the Pacific Northwest?
OOPSIE! BC1100S: Must have left them in the deployed position the previous day when we did a "trial fit" for our grandson. Unfortunately he's still a little shy on leg length yet to go for a ride. Maybe next year? Meanwhile, I must beg forgiveness of my S brethren for this faux pas!!!

BigSur52, I like the RS bikes so much, that I talked a good buddy into buying one about 10 years ago...so that I could ride it a bit. At the time I was riding Ducati's. So the switch to an S was sort of a half way house to an RS...but now that I've had it, I'm NOT giving it up! Definitely love the paint scheme on yours...

k75s; Great picture! That's a place I wanted to visit when I rode my S home from purchasing it in Louisville. Unfortunately the weather was so rotten I ended up on a detour, to Texas, to get home. But someday....!

And yes, after 4 inches of rain in 24 hours yesterday, I do think our riding season in the Great Pacific Northwet will be on recess for a few months. Nothing like riding for an hour or so just to enable a two hour cleanup post ride.