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I believe it's pretty close to original paint/trim configuration but to say it is for sure I wouldn't know. I bought my bike from a guy that was selling it on a salvaged title after he bought it from a BMW tech that put it back on the road after a parking lot crash right off from the insurance co. He, the second owner, bought it in 2000 and only road it at 2200 miles per year. It runs fantastic and I really don't care about the title value as I will ride it until I can't anymore.
The only thing that I've noticed is the decal on the tank is void on both sides depicting the bike model but to me that's little details only.
I kind of like it without the R1100RS decal. Here's mine from a ride this summer. It has also been through a crash or two, but is actually a combination of three bikes. Somehow, through all of that, mine has a clean title. Go figure.