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Thread: 2009 1200 RT Shocks - Ride, Rebuild or Swap?

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    2009 1200 RT Shocks - Ride, Rebuild or Swap?

    I may purchase a 2009 1200RT with ESA and 39,000 miles. I'm assuming the shocks may need replacement based on what I'm reading from other members. I have a few options to mull over...

    1. Do nothing and ride it
    2. Replace the ESA suspension with the HyperPro units I have in my RT 1100. I love the shocks and they don't have too many miles on them. Would they fit?
    3. Rebuild the OEM shocks
    4. Buy replacement shocks

    Suggestions? Budget is $1,200 give or take.

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    I think I would ride it first and see if there are any handling issues before doing anything. Unless of course you ride it hard and fast and know you need or want the higher performance...
    Enjoy the bike :-)

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