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Thread: Insurance Requirement

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    Insurance Requirement

    Hi I know there are many here involved in planning events.
    My local club, OSBMWR, is planning a 200 mile miniature rally. Half day, gather bonus locations and then have a meal with a few prizes. Our BOD is questioning whether we need insurance for this event.
    We are advertising it and there is a fee for lunch ( $10). We buy insurance for our annual regional rally through the MOA but that is four days and camping.

    Our local rally chair has tried contacting the MOA insurance people but doesn't think they offer one day event insurance.
    Do any of you event planners have knowledge as to this type of event?

    Bill Kenney
    Bill Kenney

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    Many, many, many years ago we (now defunct Central Fl Beeline Beemers) used to get rally insurance through the AMA. It also required a couple of folks attending a group seminar. But that was then......
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    You should buy event liability insurance and name all the people who are involved in the arranging of the event as well as any location which may be used as gathering point as insureds. There are many agents that sell this, but it's more on the commercial side your local state farm guy may not know about it. One day coverage is common and easily purchased.

    So I'd suggest you contact commercial brokers such as Marsh or Willis they have small lines departments built specifically for these types of needs. There are if course local brokers that can do this as well if you can locate a commercial broker. Note there is a difference between a broker and agent for this coverage you want to work with a broker.

    I'd also get waivers signed by all participants and show that to the broker for lower rates.

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    I just Googled "One Day Event Insurance." There are many options, and some companies, Progressive is an example, have an online application and instant quotation.
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