This month in our Best of forum series we bring you The Manwohr 36 Tour.
From the Ride Report~

"for all of us who have talked about and dreamed about leaving the safe confines of what has crept up and become our everyday lives, i have come to the realization that there is more.

it has come time to refashion the "what if?" in my life, into the "why not?" i've gradually arrived at this change in attitude over the past several years as the primary caregiver for my loving parents. both were stricken with Alzheimer's decease and for anyone who has dealt with this type of situation, you can appreciate the introspection you go through of your own mortality. with this decease i am fully aware that my situation was no worse or no better than anybody else who has gone through it. i'm just saying, it really makes you think about the treasures you'll possess in your final hour".

What more can I say.
Enjoy, Gary