This past Sunday in Poconos northeast Pennsylvania we had an early taste of spring temps (39 degrees) close enough shoveled out a path from garage to road and prepared to head out. I had 4 layers on head sock, winter ridding gloves, stretchy under layer a fleece middle layer and Olympia outer layer. I was not cold at all and it was a really excellent ride so neat to be ridding after a fresh snow. Lots of crap on the road meant excellent sliding corners here and there.

The F800gs with fresh tkc80's is just a blast to ride. Could not go on any of my favorite local dirt roads as they were completely snow covered.... although makes me want for tire studs. But had a great day and looking forward to the next. I highly recommend a spring blast while snow is on the ground (no the road), it was really amazing outside and some of my most familiar roads looked new to me with the snow everywhere.

Couple things to watch out for... cars press the center cause not much shoulder with the snow. Of course watch for ice especially in the low sun areas like behind hills or areas that stay shaded. stick to the bigger roads if there is to much snow. But if the roads has just a little slush here and there you can usually find nice lines through. At the end of your ride head to the car wash and give it a good rinsing to get all salt, mud, snow all cleaned off, also cant really stay out much past 3 or so cause when the sun goes down..... yikes it gets cold fast.... so best get home and have a nice beer or other libation and revel in the great I got out to ride feeling.