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Thread: Route Suggestions in Ontario

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    Route Suggestions in Ontario

    Planning a 2 week ride this spring crossing into Canada at Port Huron. I want to ride the area North of Toronto staying out of Quebec. Looking to stay on hard surface roads but some gravel OK! Will be staying in hotels and am interested in the must see towns etc! Also, when does spring start in that area? Thanks in advance for any and all info! Don. 10&15 RT

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    I think anywhere you go will awesome. Highway 17 through North Superior is fantastic. If you head up due north of Toronto towards Temiskaming, I wouldn't choose Highway 11 as a route much north of there. It's two lanes and heavy truck traffic. It's a bit of a challenge as it seems to be a favorite route for New Canadian truckers.

    Count on snow well into May. You can also count on hungry and horny critters coming out to scope the dating scene and eating the fresh berries in the ditches.

    The other thing, those black things hovering are not small helicopters and they will eat you.
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    From Peterborough Ont, take Highway 28 to Bancroft then 28E, 515 and 512 to Eganville, then 60 to Renfrew and 17 to Ottawa. Nice roads as far as Renfrew, mostly 4-lane into the Capital. I used to ride this area a lot when I lived in Ontario before I moved to PEI, and there's some fun roads in this area. Look out for some dirt fun between Bancroft and Eganville. 52 and 508 from Renfrew will take you to Calabogie road-race track south of Arnprior. Yes, the blackflies will eat you! Have fun!

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    Check out this old site for some good roads!


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    Great Info!

    Thanks to all! Great info! Cheers! Don

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