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Thread: 85 K100 w 168,000 miles: Putting new Starter Sprag Clutch in Early March 2015

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    After 12,000 miles on new sprag parts it started slipping. This was just after having a week of "flooding" starting trouble, complete with puddles of gas coming out my exhaust to muffler joints. The flooding was due to the vacuum hose, with a spring surrounding, that leaves the rearmost throttle body and goes to the fuel pressure regulator. Back to the Sprag Clutch. After clipping 1/4" off the hose and putting it back on I was test riding it. What a bad sound when the sprag slipped, slipped some more, I then coast started it in 2nd gear. The next start the sprag slipped. This time I bump started it to warm it upon the highway 20 minutes to drain the oil (hot).

    I am convinced that enough flooding gas and 10% alcohol got past my rings to pollute my Golden Spectro 4 oil that was only 2,000 miles old. The "bad oil" caused the sprag clutch to whirl (slip).

    Now a new filter and 3.5 qts of Rotella-T 15W40 and it should be fine, if it isn't out comes that gallon and in goes a second one before I change the oil to go back to Golden Spectro. Bike now has 184,000 miles.

    I will followup if and when it starts to slip again.
    OK, it is just starting - so this is the perfect time for a dose of CD2 or Valve Medic in the fresh oil.
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    85K100RS Sprag Clutch Fixed/Not Fixed/Fixed /Not Fixed/Fixed

    OP here: Paul just above suggested CD-2 or Valve Medic. Well after 3 good starts after the new Rotella, I got the whirr for a couple bump starts. To the Parts Store, bought a bottle of CD-2 Power Back Engine Restorer and Lubricant, added 1/3 bottle, bump started it, 10 miles later and several other stops, starter works as it should, btw it turned 184,000 just now. I'll lower the overall oil level to the window center real soon. Had hoped the new sprag parts wouldn't whirr for 100,000 miles but CD-2 doesn't cost that much. Maybe 1/3 bottle of Rislone Engine Treatment Concentrate 500 miles before my next oil change too.

    Thank you again Paul.

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