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Thread: Motorcycle safety PSA

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    My wife thinks so

    Quote Originally Posted by shortythorne View Post
    PS: I am tired of them asking me "Aren't you hot in all that gear?"

    Don't be tired of the question, simply respond with a "my wife thinks so".

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxscycle View Post
    Don't be tired of the question, simply respond with a "my wife thinks so".
    Uhhh, I'm a female and married to a MAN!

    I usually just try really hard to ignore them.
    Gail Thorne
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    Quote Originally Posted by Omega Man View Post
    I wonder how much time- if any, the Harley riders spend lobbing pot-shots toward BMW riders?
    I did have one tell me that BMW riders all looked like their Mom dressed them.

    I count that as a positive
    Work is the curse of the riding class

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    The studies to increase your odds of motorcycle survival have been done. More will be done. Suggestions will be made to help keep us safe. New equipment will continue to help our odds of surviving a crash.

    I don't care what (they) wear? (Who ever (they) are?) I care about what I wear? I am responsible for me. I live or die by my choices. (They) have the right to do the same. As long as (they) are not breaking any laws, I don't want to waste any of my time worrying about them.........


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