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Thread: Easier Clutch Cable Replacement All Early Kbikes

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    Easier Clutch Cable Replacement All Early Kbikes

    Just a tip:

    The most difficult (frustrating, time consuming, PITA) part of changing the clutch cable on any early K (K1, K75, K100, K1100) is feeding the lower accordion boot through the too small hole in the tranny. There is NO reason for that hole to be that small. So everytime I have someones tranny out for a spline lube or tranny repair I enlarge the hole. It only takes a few minutes (less time than it takes to feed the boot through).

    First take a 9/16" (Silver and Deming)drill and enlarge the forwardmost hole. Then follow with a 5/8" drill. Since it is not a complete hole (interupted cut) you need to be carefull that it doesn't bite in. Use high speed with a VERY light feed and drill more vertical than the angled hole actually is, to keep from biting in. Follow again with an 11/16" drill.

    It makes removing and installing the cable a breeze from then on! Remember, don't touch the rear most hole where the cable actually seats! This MUST remain the standard size.

    cable hole 1.jpgcable hole 2.jpg

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