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Thread: Toyota Prius: Major threat?

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    My 2012 Prius C just turned 100,000 miles. In that time it needed new tires, brake pads, and a starter battery. That's it. It doesn't have much passing power but is fast enough off the line and can scoot at 80+mph on the Interstate. With good winter tires it handles up to 3" of snow well; above that and it has ground clearance issues. A nine gallon fill lasts me three weeks and on rural highways my average fuel consumption is 56mpg.

    Will definitely get another when this one wears out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glenfiddich View Post
    can scoot at 80+mph on the Interstate.
    Reminds me of the story of Al Gore's kid getting stopped/arrested/ticketed for doing 102 mph in a Prius on a freeway in Southern California.............. Toyota should have used that in an ad campaign..........

    They can scoot.............

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