Greetings all. I commute around 120 miles a day, on Hwy 101 and 1 here in Central Coastal California
I have noticed a trend over the last 5 years and have been wondering if it's just me or is something up? It appears like 80% of the time, if there is a car holding up the smooth flow of traffic it will be a Toyota Prius. The most common scene being traffic will be flowing smooth around 75mph in the fast lane and "whammo" there is a Prius doing a steadfast 64MPH even though there plenty of room for slower travel in the right lane. This forces everyone else to use the right lane to get around with subsequent snarl and resultant danger. The scene of travel at 64mph in the right lane when traffic is flowing 65-70 in that lane and 75-80 in the fast lane seems to occur pretty often as well. I've been calling it "Prius Syndrome". Am I alone in this observation? What could be wrong with these folks? I postulate these folks are intent on watching the fuel economy gauge which drops dramatically over 65mph or during acceleration and not watching the road. Check it out next time your out in commuterland.