Greetings! I've been very disappointed with my new-to-me 2001 1150GS. At low RPMs the throttle is horribly inconsistent; parking lots are a nightmare.

Over 4000 RPM, vibration is unbearable, and it doesn't smooth out at 5 or 6.

Now I know there is a school of thought that proper valve adjustment and throttle body synching will solve both problems, but I lack both the skill and inclination to do such work, and I trust that my mechanic does a reasonably good job.

So, based on threads in this forum and at ADVrider, I ordered a Techlusion unit. Now I'm looking for moral support. I just want a smooth and predictable throttle, and less vibration at high RPMs. If I install this on Saturday, will I be grinning all day Sunday? Thanks, DZ