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Thread: Micro-encapsulated screws - 07 K1200GT

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    Micro-encapsulated screws - 07 K1200GT

    On my model year there is no final drive drain plug. To drain the oil I must remove the ISA screw from the tension strut and lower the final drive. My DVD repair manual states that the ISA screw holding the final drive to the tension strut must be replaced after being dismantled. My BMW parts dealer says the techs only replace the nut. He has to order the screws from Germany.

    Who is right, the BMW repair manual or the dealer?

    The same applies for when removing the engine oil filter. The pivot mount of the side stand is held by three ISA screws. The repair manual also states that the screws must be replaced once dismantled.

    Are other BMW dealerships only replacing the nuts? The screws? Or both?
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    He doesn't have to "order the screws from Germany." All parts for this bike are stocked in the USA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lkchris View Post
    He doesn't have to "order the screws from Germany." All parts for this bike are stocked in the USA.
    I am in Canada and you know how it is with politics. More to the point, any thoughts on the issue at hand.
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    The service manuals I have say only the nut should be replaced. Know folks who never do.
    The nut ( I am sure there is a term for it) is slightly oblong in shape and requires effort to even tighten more than a thread or two.

    And on the oil filter, I use the slip wrench type filter wrench, looks like a large set of Channelock pliers made by Lisle. Have not had to unbolt anything on GT's and S's to remove filter.
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    Micro encapsulated screws are an assembly line convenience. Anyone that has read the MSDS on liquid locktite would not want employees exposed all day.
    But for a repair, just get some blue locktite and have fun.


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