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Thread: Post a Photo of your K-bike

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    Quote Originally Posted by nh7robmw View Post
    I could write a multi-thousand-word essay on why I like these bikes so much but I will refrain from doing so in this photo-thread.

    Am wondering about the wheels, though. They appear to be polished chrome---am I correct in assuming this? The head and valve covers seem to shine more than the polished aluminum ones I've seen before, too.

    The cream-colored bike is the most magnificent blending of R and K styles that could ever be imagined!

    You deserve an "Oscar" by all means---for "Best Beemers in a Non-Traditional Restoration Role."
    Thanks for the Oscar.

    The wheels are chromed as are all of the engine covers. Then only poslihed part is the coil bracket. The chrome, done right is much lower maintenance than polished aluminum. The K75 runs so cool that heat dissapation is not an issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toddlamp View Post
    I have to know how you got the 20mm MC to mount! What bike did it come from?
    Any mid to late 90's R or K bike mostly. The throttle mounting has to be modified.

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    1985 K100RS in Belgrade, Serbia

    I'm an MOA member currently living and working in Serbia. I bought an '85 K100RS with 82000Km on the clock in December and started riding in April. I've done about 6000Km since then and have had a nice time riding in Serbia and the neighboring countries. The attached picture is of me on my K bike up in the Fruska Gora mountains about an hour north of Belgrade.
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    roughing it

    My '85 K-Brick...I think this was heading East in Wyoming after coming down through the Tetons. Man, I just wanted to turn back around when I got home.
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    Here is my '87 K75C, waiting patiently for me to take her out for a ride


    2007 K1200GT
    1987 K75C - sold

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    My 92 K75s... Acquired her not too long ago. She's just a baby with 28,000 on the odometer. She's got a long way to go!

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    Here is my '94 with ABS which I bought last year with 12,000 miles - I'm the 3rd owner. I installed a Rifle Superbike fairing professionally painted in Glasurit Mystic Red. This is my 2nd K75. I had a 93 for my first bike, sold it a couple of years ago, and regretted it ever since! Now I'm happy again...
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    Wally Gingerich
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    ^^ Great color. I really like that fairing. I'm also upset I got the K75C fairing instead of that one......almost.
    1994 K75/2


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    Love my LT
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    Cool K1

    Here is a picture of my K1 just freshly washed. Sad to say that it is now in the shop awaiting repairs for overheating and oil leaks. But I still would not give it up, truly one of a kind.
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    Allways stunning to see a K1. Even after almost 20 years. I still find it hard to believe that U could combine a tomato red and mustard yellow paint sceme to acheive that Look.

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    well, it isn't perfect, but it is damn well good enough for me! ... for now.

    1993 k1100rs. it has the hard saddle bags but i've removed them for the time being.

    i plan to take the bike to a shop this winter and have the paint on the fairings redone to remove the rash and chips from age. also may have the same shop redo the k1100rs decal as they claim on the website to be able to redo those kinds of things too. and will be getting a new seat as the 11yr old corbin has run out of borrowed time, and lost its last legs months ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by supercat1 View Post
    also may have the same shop redo the k1100rs decal as they claim on the website to be able to redo those kinds of things too.
    You should be able to get the decal though BMW. Worth a check.
    Greg Feeler
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    MY girl and Big Mike in Teague , Tx
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