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Such a strong response to a given color seems to have a physiological order attached. There is a Munsell color test on line you can take to check for color blindness in any given hue
Good comeback.
Well, I took the test and my score was 14. I blame my Dell monitor for not getting a perfect score. It is my understanding that the lower your score is, the better. It was fun to take. The things that keep simple minds busy. I did take note that the color Dakar Yellow was not on the test. Why is that?

You may be right about a physiological order being attached to my color passions. With that in mind, I am secure enough with my ownership of a basic K75 that I do not try to make a fashion statement with a bike who's color is close to baby puke.

I guess your Dakar Yellow is a safer color than my Arctic Silver if you ride in the fog, but your bike has a yellow underbelly.