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Thread: K1200LT Transmission Removal

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    K1200LT Transmission Removal

    I've removed R1150RT transmissions in the past to lube the splines, and now it's time to replace a clutch in a friend's 1999 K1200LT. (Suspected oil seal leak) I owned a 1200LT in the past, but only did routine maintenance on it, livke valve adjustments, air filter, fluid changes, etc. My search in the forum has left me with a few questions. Is there a good step by step posting for removing the LT transmission? Found one when I did the 1150RT, it was crystal clear and very helpful. Second question, can I remove the transmission with the driveshaft and final drive attached? Did it on the RT with a homemade dolly, but I'm thinking it's not possible with the K bike.
    I did watch the U Tube videos posted by the Northern Illinois Club, they were helpful and encouraging. Thanks for any helpful advise you can share.

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    There are no videos on Youtube that I could fine. It is a little different than the R because you have to loosen the engine to rotate it down. I am doing one this weekend and will try to put together a video

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    Quote Originally Posted by tycham View Post
    I am doing one this weekend and will try to put together a video
    That will be nice to have so others can look-see!
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