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Thread: 85 K100RS 195,000: Intermittent Off/On/Off in mountains, Sporadic Flooding on Start.

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    85 K100RS 195,000: Intermittent Off/On/Off in mountains, Sporadic Flooding on Start.

    LE Jetronic Fuel Injection:
    Just returned to Phila. from 7,500 mi. MOA SLC rally trip. Three times off/on/off while running hot, hard and high: 285N into Alamosa CO, Pikes Peak in traffic, I70 Vail Pass. Fourth time stopped for high water temp light coming on, 139N to Rangely CO. All fixed by waiting 5 minutes. Another time tach went dead 5 min. Into ride. Dose of Stabilant 22 on K1 connector fixed for the rest of the trip.

    Three times flooded on startup, once cold, SLC, two hot, WISC. & PA. Jumper cables to car battery let me restart after a lot of cranking. It also flooded on a cold start last winter.

    The throttle position sensor (TPS) does 2 things, it suddenly stops the fuel above 2000RPM when you close the throttle and it “floods the cylinders” when you ask for full throttle.

    Can a faulty Throttle Position Sensor or, corroded or bad wires in its wiring cause intermittent sudden, severe off/on/offs?

    Can it cause rare start up engine floods?

    I used the high altitude jumper above 4000’. Used best gas I could buy, often 91 octane without ethanol. I added dirt bike temp sensor placed near computer in gap between under tank and ahead of tool area. Bike worked fine in PA reading 137 deg F. The highest I saw.

    The computer seems to be fine, the temp sensor and fuel pressure regulator were replaced recently (~5 yrs ago). Much of the time it runs very very well. One tankful late in the trip seemed a little rough for 35 miles after a 2 gallon fuel fill but suddenly smoothed out for the rest of the tank.

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    Check your ground connections. Pull the fuses and reinsert.
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