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Thread: Location of serial number and paint code on K75RT?

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    Location of serial number and paint code on K75RT?

    Could someone tell me where on the K75RTs I can find both the serial number of the bike, and also the paint code? Also, is there a way to tell from the serial number what year the bike is? Thanks.

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    As for the build date, there's a variety of ways. Check the top section of the link in my signature line.
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    The VIN (serial) number is stamped into the frame on the rear diagonal frame member just above the tranny mount bolt on the right hand side.

    On the left side rear diagonal frame member there is a black and white sticker. The large lower white box has the VIN stamped in it. The small upper right box has the build date month and year.

    BMW started the next years model production after the summer break, so a build date of Sept. or later would be the next years model.

    The paint SCHEME number is located under the seat on the tail section facing the left side. It is 1" x 2" black with white numbers sticker with three numbers. This is NOT the actual paint code, but an overall scheme (base color, two tone, pinstripes, decals, etc.).

    If you post the three digit paint scheme code, I can tell you the Glasurit paint code for the correct color.

    If you post the last four numbers of your VIN, I can tell you what day it was built on and what model year it is.


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