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Thread: Way out in West Virginia

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    Way out in West Virginia

    As they say here in VWA... "Well, what about that!"

    For the past 5 days, I've been doing a little riding and camping, taking the slow way to WVA, following the ride that I laid out on the BMW MOA Rally Web Site.

    Wish there were more pics, but I've been too busy riding.

    Here was my campsite for the first two nights.... on my property in Western North Carolina:
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    My personal dragon...

    Kbasa may have ridden Deal's Gap in his report... this road is every bit as challenging, and doesn't have squids!

    This road is just minutes from my place in NC... you'll have to read the

    article on the Rally site to find out where it is.
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    One of the finer roads on the adventure...

    This was no place for oilheads!

    Just south of Babcock State Park in the New River Gorge area.
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    About halfway along the Highlands Scenic Highway....

    ... take a right and follow this dirt road," said Michael Friedle, this year's Rally Chair. This great road follows the Williams River, and this pic was taken near my camp spot for the night.
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    About 20 minutes east of the Rally...

    ... is this nice little turn-out off of US 60.
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    One big honkin' bridge...

    ... with a very cool little road leading down to this view point.
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    Another unique view of the bridge.

    This view from about halfway down the New River Gorge
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    ... they were closed. Now I'll never know what the mystery is.
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    Thanks for sharing, Visian. Lovely pics.

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    Glad to see we weren't the only ones that had fun and did some trails out in WV !!

    Great photos man, makes you want to go back.
    Peace and Trails...

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