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Thread: Hey- can you log in for us?

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    Exclamation Hey- can you log in for us?

    This month is the Best of Forum slot we are again going to use the "full visibility" of the slot to try to get a real idea on what is going on and how extensive the login issue is.
    If you have been following you will have seen threads where Members complain that they have to login each time they visit the forum OR the "remember me" box isn't working for them.
    We are trying to see how many members are actually effected and offer a solution. If you are having a problem with the login or remember me box, please click on the link below and fill us in as to your symptoms and we will help you out as best we can.
    Additionally if you have had trouble and figured out what solved the problem for you- whether you did it on your own or the Moderators advice helped in the numerous threads that have come up in the past, let us know.
    Thanks, The Mod Team.
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