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    Will I get to pick...'s color when I WIN Saturday?
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    What time is the drawing and can we "watch" on line?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Motodan View Post's color when I WIN Saturday?
    I can't speak for anyone this year, or how it will be run, but two years ago when I won, the MOA and Pandora's worked with all of the winners to make us happy. They told me that more than half of the winners didn't- by their own choice- wind up with the exact bike they won.

    Pandora's gave us full dollar amount credit (dealer invoice I imagine) for our bike that we won, and we could apply that amount to any new or used bike in their inventory. And their inventory was huge. I was afraid I'd kill myself on the K1300S, so I chose a very lightly used R1200RT they had.

    EVERYONE, from Ted here, to Justin at Pandora's, and all the staff there treated us first-class. I chose to fly down there and ride it back to NJ, but they would also arrange shipping if we wanted. Heck, I was pressed for time and wanted to leave for home at first light the next morning, but my flight would arrive the night before, an hour and a half after Pandoras closed. Guess what? Two employees stayed at Pandoras past closing and even picked me up at the airport and took me to the dealership for the paperwork and delivery. And they didn't rush the delivery either. They wanted to be absolutely certain that I was comfortable with the RT before they let me leave. And they also wouldn't take no for an answer and led me with their bikes right to my hotel since I was not familiar with the roads.

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    I must visit this Pandoras you speak of one day. As a fellow Tennesseean it is my duty to check them out. Lobbying hard for a national rally in Chattanooga!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rangerreece View Post
    I must visit this Pandoras you speak of one day. As a fellow Tennesseean it is my duty to check them out. Lobbying hard for a national rally in Chattanooga!!!!
    That would be fantastic!
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    1pm is the Magic Hour

    We plan to get started at 1pm. Pandora's is having a full open house, lunch, etc. and a Christmas Party afterwards.

    My intention is to post the winners live to the Superstakes Facebook page. You can find it at I'll aslo post the winners to the MOA site and Foundation site, but it maybe later Saturday before that happens.

    Good luck to everyone. Next Monday is the best day of the year for me. Calling people who just won a new motorcycle is always fun!
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    Winners starting to be posted

    Good luck, everyone.

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