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    3rd time I've had to log in tonight!!! Is this part of Thank You For Being A Member ????

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    Sorry you're having troubles. I've had to login in at least once in the past few weeks...there must have been some kind of update that forced everyone off the forum. But once I logged back in and made sure that the "remember me" box is checked, I've not had any problems since.

    You might try a couple of things. Next time that you're logged in, go up and actually log out. This is supposed to clear cookies, etc. Then redo the login process as described above. See if that helps. Another thing to do is to use your browsers features and delete the cookies (those specific to the MOA website and forum if you can). Finally, delete all cookies and temporary internet files.

    You might try login in on a different computer. Does the problem persist on the new computer? If not, then it would indicate there's something associated with the one having the problem.

    The problem doesn't exist on the MOA side...there's nothing here that is always forcing you off. With a little trial and error, you should be able to get things back to normal.
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