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Thread: New Pilot Road 4 GT's

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    New Pilot Road 4 GT's

    Won $500 on a $.40 slot machine last Tuesday. Bought a pair of new Pilot Road 4 GT's from RevZilla on Wednesday for $325. They arrived the next day with free shipping. Took them out today for their first good run on a really twisty road called Del Puerto Canyon Road here in California. Wow. Think I'm going to like them a lot.

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    Yep I'm on my second set. Got 21,000 miles on the front and 14,000 on the rear. Got them on a 2011 GS and I ride pretty easy.

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    I have the PR3s on my K1200RS. They are the nicest tires I ever owned. Hard to imagine they could have gotten any better!
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    Smile PR 4 GT's lean too much!!! FANTASTIC

    I had 600 miles on the tires when Arlene and I hit the twisties. We pulled over and she asked that I buy her some knee pucks. She was ecstatic I never really pushed the bike any harder but according to Michelin the GT4's have a stiffer sidewall than the PR3B's and therefore they roll into a turn quicker. I AM HAPPY, SHE is HAPPY

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    Got me sold. I'll go with Pilot Road GT's for my 2004 R1150RT when I need them.

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    Pilot 4 tires

    I just got a pail of Pilot 4's from Competition Accessories for $ 310.24 shipped free in two days.
    Looking forward to needing to have them installed on my 08 R1200RT I just need to burn up some miles on the current Pilot 2's.

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    21000 miles on front ? Are including trailers miles
    We drove all this way for a DEAD END ! My son!!!
    02 Silver RT1150 My 1st BMW Bike ...Totaled 2/23/16
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