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Thread: Adding LED light to Brake/Tail light on 2011 R1200r

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    Adding LED light to Brake/Tail light on 2011 R1200r

    Ride is a 2011 R1200r; I added an LED light bottom of the license plate and wired it to mirror the actions of the stock tail/brake light. The wiring instructions were minimal and here's what I did (see image):I ran the wires (hot and ground) from the LED to a dual element convert(DEC) supplied. I spliced the ground into the existing ground, spliced the brake light lead from the DEC into the existing brake light lead (grey/black) and the tail light into the existing tail light lead (grey/red). LED comes on and when I apply either front or rear brake it brightens even more as sold. The existing brake light also works fine with both front or rear but the tail light doesn't come on. When I'm just riding the LED is my only tail light, it's a bunch brighter than the existing tail light but I'd rather have both working. So, what's wrong with my wiring? or did I somehow fry the tail light filament? Took the scoot out for ride, lights are working as described above and to add to the equation: computer shows nothing when riding even though the OEM tail light is not lite up but the LED is, when I apply the brakes (handle bar or foot) the OEM brake lights up nice and bright, the LED increases intensity and I get the little triangle warning symbol in the computer, release the brake and the symbols goes out.

    Suggestions and advise appreciated.

    Image of wiring diagram before and after I spliced in the LEDsplice_diagram.png

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    Instructions from my 2012 RT, should be the same

    LED instructions attached, should be the same for your bike.

    And here is a link from fellow MOA member Joel
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