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Thread: Misplaced 2014 Mileage Contest Start Info

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    Misplaced 2014 Mileage Contest Start Info

    I've tried sending a note to Steve Brunner about this subject via the link on the MOA contact page but keep getting error messages.

    Does anyone have better contact info for Steve and does anyone know if he can provide this info ??

    Larry in Jax, FL

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    He probably can, but to provide the ending mileage you don't need to know what you sent in for starting mileage.
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    I believe the email addresses aren't working that great on the home page. Send your information to Ted Moyer or also try sending it to: - include specific information on the subject line.
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    Mileage Form

    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    He probably can, but to provide the ending mileage you don't need to know what you sent in for starting mileage.
    Duh. Thanks Paul. I just looked at the form again and realized you are absolutely correct. I guess I was thinking about calculating my mileage in order to submit the forms. Steve will do the math.

    Myself and a few other riders where just criss-crossing the State of Tex in the Big Tex Rally. Once again I did not have the chance to come by and see your porch kitchen appliance. Good time and after 3333 miles over 4 days I found some great roads.

    Really liking the wet GS-A, except gas mileage has not been that impressive and rear rubber is maybe going 10k. For the last 200k I've gotten mileage like 14000+ on the traditional Tourance's on my previous 1150GS'. O.E. tires were Anakee 3's and they were replaced before MOA rally in July with Metz Tourance Nxt. Both rears lasted almost exactly 10k. Only tire I could find at 3 Cycle Gear stores in Dallas area Sunday was Michelin Power in order to get home. That will be a $180 installed investment that will probably only last half of what the previous tires have lasted.

    Take care.

    Larry in Jax, FL

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