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Thread: Glove fitting

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    Glove fitting

    Ok so I'm doing a little online complaining here.
    Part of it is my fault. When you have hands the size of catchers mitts it's hard to find something that fits.
    I can just about forget about finding anything in a store that will come close to fitting.
    I was hoping that I would be able to find a good pair of summer gloves at the rally in St. Paul. No such luck.
    I was able to find a cheep pair I could get on. Cheep is better then nothing at all.

    For winter gloves, after several tries I got a pair of Cortech 3XL that fit, when it gets really cold
    I switch to a pair of Yellow Knife lobster style mittens, again in the largest size they make.

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    According to all the size charts I should be an 11 as my hand measures just under 11" around the knuckles.
    Wrong. Anything under a 12 is too small.
    What really sucks is finding a pair of utility gloves for normal work ware is all but impossible.
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    Lee Parks 3X deerskin is slightly large for me, but very comfortable. The 2X is a bit small.
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    And Lee Parks deerskins, also Aerostich's, stretch-to-fit very nicely. You want good gloves to fit a bit snug when new so they can stretch to fit your hands (in my experience)


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